A promise to love...over again

Sometimes you need reminding of how good love is. I love intimate weddings especially ones that I know how hard they worked to get to the altar. Jason and Faith found their way back to each other and this day was a magical day and a culmination of what it looks like when you fight for another person. It was truly one of my favorites.


Branding sessions

They say your face is your brand. I’m not sure who “they” is, but I do know when you put a face to your business you are making it personal and intimate and inviting.

I’ve been doing some branding sessions for women owned business and it has been so inspiring. I’ve met therapist, life coaches and hedge fund mangers. Such a wide range of incredible women bringing their dreams into the world.

This is Ebru. She is a marriage and family therapist and she needed updated images for her new website.

What happens when you can't say no

These days I don’t shoot as many weddings as I did a few years ago. I only shoot them for friends or if the bride REALLY does her best to convince me to be a part of the day. Well, this bride wrote me a three paragraph email about her story and why I needed to shoot her wedding. I was convinced. I’m so glad I did. Ali is magical. Wherever she is, with whoever she is with, she brings fun and excitement. I fell in love with the entire family and i’m not sure i’ve smiled more during a wedding. It was a fun celebration.